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Conference Workshops

Community Action on Climate Change

Developing networks in the Channel's coastal communities

Saturday 26th November 2005 Community Base, 113 Queens Rd, Brighton


'Tools & Techniques' Workshops & Presentations (A)

1. Global Action Plan - Small Changes make a big difference
a presentation on how people are working together to make changes in their everyday behaviour.
Global Action Plan is the practical environmental charity that helps people to make positive changes at home, at work, at school and in the wider community. We achieve measurable results in the UK by taking action on energy, waste, water and transport. Small Change is working with 800 households across the South East to reduce their environmental impact. Households take part in interactive workshops, make changes based on what they have learnt, and measure their success. So far households have reduced their waste, energy use & water use; cutting carbon emissions and saving resources.

2. Food Matters & East Sussex Food and Health Partnership
It is estimated that the current food system is responsible for up to 22% of the UK's carbon emissions -The average consumer travels 898 miles a year by car just to shop for food. Up to 35% of waste generated in the UK is associated in some way with the food chain. The state of our food system is shocking - yet we all have the power to make even small changes that can ultimately make a big difference. This workshop will look at what we can do both as individuals, and as a community, to take control of the food we eat, where and how it is produced, and begin to re localise our food system.
Clare Devereux is Director of Food Matters. Her experience covers a range of issues including organic production, sustainability, GM crops, consumer attitudes, local food systems and democratic processes. Sarah Davies is Programme Manager for East Sussex Food and Health Partnership. Sarah has worked on the food agenda in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove since 2000 and has managed an extensive range of food projects across the county. Her background prior to this was in environmental regeneration. She has an MSc in Food Policy from City University. &

3. Ways of Walking - Pat Bowen
Take a virtual walk round Winchelsea, looking at coastal changes over the years, followed by discussion of ways of walking to enhance ecological awareness.
Pat Bowen has been a storyteller and guided walk leader for 10 years. She uses walking and stories - fiction and non-fiction - to celebrate the land, its creatures and plants, history and connections. Winchelsea has a tale to tell of rising and falling fortunes and tides, and Pat has enthusiasm and techniques to share about inspiring people to slow down to walking pace to listen to stories of land and sea.

4. Sustainability in schools - Nausicaa Aquarium, Boulogne (France) & River Ocean Foundation
This workshop will give you the chance to learn about different approaches to working with schools on both sides of the Channel. A variety of techniques will be discussed, ranging from the low-tech to hightech
exhibitions. &

5. Trapese
This workshop is an introduction to Trapese
a young education collective which aims to provoke debate and inspire positive social change through interactive workshops and various social events. The philosophy of Trapese is based around the idea that we create own own destinies and our own futures, that we do have control over ourselves and that in order to build better possible worlds we need to take a leap from one Trapese to the other.

6. Approaches to Communicating Climate Change - Lewes District Council
Are we planning for the future instead of acting for it? How do we make the links between scenarios of global climate destruction and everyday life decisions?
This workshop will look at the way Lewes District Council helps to support and influence communities in finding ways of adapting to and mitigating the causes of human-induced climate change in practical and effective ways.
Two award winning projects "Action in Renewables" and the "Sustainability Linking and Information Programme" will illustrate the variety of approaches and methods utilised by the Local Sustainability Team at the Council in communicating climate impact issues and promoting action across all community sectors in the district.


'Brainstorming local projects' Sessions (B)

7. Lewes Energy Descent Action Plan - Pippa Johns
This is a proposal for a project that aims to engage the people of Lewes to come together and design possible solutions in anticipation of the pending energy crisis as a result of peak oil and climate change.
Pippa Johns is a permaculture teacher and designer, and runs a edible plants nursery nr. Lewes.

8. Centrim, Brighton - Alison Tetteh and Shaun Gannon
This workshop will explain Centrim's proposal for a pilot project which aims to provide specialist assistance to Brighton & Hove City Council for engagements of neighbourhoods for action on issues of climate change. The project proposes working with exisiting community groups such as residents associations, issue groups, the voluntary sector, etc.

9. Brighton Permaculture Trust - Bryn Thomas
Bryn Thomas is an ecological design consultant with many years experience in permaculture design and teaching. He is a founder member of the Brighton Permaculture Trust, a local voluntary organisation promoting greener lifestyles and sustainable development through permaculture design. In this workshop Bryn will present an idea for a new project centred on the creation of a local community woodland that would generate local produce as well as absorbing C02. He will invite you to join Brighton Permaculture Trust in making the vision a reality.

10. Open space
This space is left open for anyone who would like to propose an idea for a new project.

There will be time during the morning (from 11.35 am) to announce your workshop details.