Earth, Moon & Stars Shop

Welcome to the new riverOcean shop: Earth Moon & Stars.

Many years (moons!) ago we started with just our moon phase product calendar as a result of our tidal festival and wow are we grateful to our loyal customers who have kept buying it. Sometimes for themselves, sometimes for others (don’t miss the excellent gift packs we still offer! Even better value with our coupon code when you purchase the Long Lunar Planner). If it wasn’t for all of you who supported us (thank you, thank you) through your purchases we’d have faded into the sunset a long time ago…
And now were entering new phase sticking with some past favourites and at the same time introducing new lines.

But we still want to emphasise that we’ll try to:

  • Look after our customers
  • Reduce waste (watch out for tubeless products coming soon)
  • Be part of our community
  • Support national suppliers

Please let us know if you’ve got suggestions for adding a product to an existing range or introducing a new range altogether.

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Showing all 9 results